Request for Information (RFI) Public Maritime Shuttles in Israel

קול קורא: 52/24

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: נתיבי איילון בע"מ

תיאור כללי (ראה/י פירוט מלא במסמכי הקול קורא המצורפים)

        Ayalon Highways Ltd. (hereinafter: the "Company" or "Ayalon Highways") is a government-owned company in charge of promoting the planning and execution of transportation projects as an executive company 
of the Ministry of Transport.

  The Company is interested in receiving information regarding the following vessels that can be available for operating a system of public marine shuttles in Israel: Catamaran, trimaran, flipper, or hovercraft (hereinafter: “the Vessels”)

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: 15/08/2024 15:00

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   This request is not an invitation to bid, and it is not part of a tender process and / or any competitive procedure and therefore does not create any obligation toward any of the respondents therewith. The Request is intended for receipt of information only, in accordance with what is stated therewith. Following the receipt of the information, the Company will consider its follow-up actions regarding The Request, if any.

הסבר לתהליך שאלות ההבהרה:

    Queries or requests for clarification relating to this request can be submitted no later than 3 p.m. (local Israel time) on July 18, 2024, via the designated tab on the website procedure page.

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18/07/2024 15:00


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